The train to glory

The train to glory
For all holy
And this is no made up story
Arrives with somebody

I’m sorry
If you’re not ready
For this journey of many
Who gave up plenty
To be empty
For His entry

I’m advising
Do not cling to temptation
Saying you’re living to vanish
Only to resurface in furnace
Regretting not inviting

And if you’re not repenting
When we’ll be departing
You’ll be regretting
You’re vanity living

So keep on searching and serving
Seeking and finding
Reading and learning
of LOVE you didn’t earn it
Yet given to you, unworthy

Saints endure all
Patiently awaiting His imminent arrival
Yet not neglecting the ministry
Nor forgetting, a HOLY CITY awaits us
And the train will take us
out of the realm of earth and time,
into eternity, far beyond galaxy
Towards the gates of splendor
To a place of serenity
Our final destination

Be ready when the conductor
calls out

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