Here’s to Us

Time has passed days have gone, the year has finally come to an end. A great deal had happened within those twelve months. Our trust was broken, our innocence taken and our destiny almost lost.

The trigger was pulled and the bullets did hurt but not any more. The knife cut deep tears fell like rivers not of weakness but of strength we never knew we had.

Last year we learned lessons of life’s wonders, experienced victory though checkered by failure, suffering but CHRIST love assured us. We found peace in the midst of war, discomfort in the time of change and learned forgiveness the art of letting go.

Here’s to us, a circle of friendship we build. Here’s to love lost and found, to new beginnings and new memories as we say goodbye to old songs.


The journey never stops until death does its part.

So get ready this year there’s another battle, a bigger giant but don’t be shaken dear warrior. As we begin dare to dream again to love again and not let last year define you.

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