In chains

I must have forgotten
Who I am
This lies have been louder
For quite awhile
Did I forget
Grace reaches this far

It’s not that I left
It’s just that I fell
I’m not a prodigal child
I just let sin take control

I let my flesh have it’s fill
And boy does it burn
Now that it’s done
I feel so unworthy
Even though I can’t see you
My face is downcast
I can’t stand in your presence because of this messing

On knees I weep and mourn
I promise I won’t no more
Only to be back with words I said before

I’m in chains in my sin
I’m a mess in a pit
And can’t on my own

So teach me to be pure
It’s harder than it looks
Teach me holiness
I long for your perfection

Mecrophobia (fear of death)

It’s an offence to say it’s name
Inappropriate to talk of it
And if you raise your voice just a little loud
You’re hushed

No one wants to talk of it’s heritage
Blinded they remain
Too afraid they forget
He who had stolen was arrested
His crown taken
when LIFE resurrected

Death is but a part of our past
But led to the idea we accept her
as the end of life

Death is but the beginning
a climax to eternity

All who are born physically must die
From the ground you come
you must return
This is an undeniable truth
A low from the beginning of time

But you need not be afraid of her
because her kingdom is in ruins
her powers taken
she was defeated
by life everlasting

The train to glory

The train to glory
For all holy
And this is no made up story
Arrives with somebody

I’m sorry
If you’re not ready
For this journey of many
Who gave up plenty
To be empty
For His entry

I’m advising
Do not cling to temptation
Saying you’re living to vanish
Only to resurface in furnace
Regretting not inviting

And if you’re not repenting
When we’ll be departing
You’ll be regretting
You’re vanity living

So keep on searching and serving
Seeking and finding
Reading and learning
of LOVE you didn’t earn it
Yet given to you, unworthy

Saints endure all
Patiently awaiting His imminent arrival
Yet not neglecting the ministry
Nor forgetting, a HOLY CITY awaits us
And the train will take us
out of the realm of earth and time,
into eternity, far beyond galaxy
Towards the gates of splendor
To a place of serenity
Our final destination

Be ready when the conductor
calls out

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