Come up again! Coz I’m not listening

It might be hard to believe
But they do exist
These jealous wannabes
Who are bent to bring you down

Do you know who you are?
Yes ride on that
These critics they talk too much
Say too much
Truth is they just wanna be you
But can’t coz they can’t

All they want is to make you feel unworthy
Telling you your not worthy
When really you’re good enough
Much more coz He (God) says you are

So the next time Someone tries to mess your talent
“Tell them I am the talent
Born for this talent
And He’s the only one who crafts this talent
To perfection”

So hush!
I am who God says I am
What my mama says I am
And never what you say I am
I am the most talented person you’ll ever meet
Just you wait…..
Jaws drop when it blossoms

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